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Jun 10, 2002
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Just my personal opinion

Since every one is talking about MCAT courses and advice I thought I?d put my two cents in. I took the mcat in april and received a 33. For me this was great. Even when I studied for 3 months the summer before I was still scoring a 20 on AAMC?s test 2 and 3. I was planning to take it again this Aug. since I was actually sick on the day, and got a lower VR then expected. But, decided not to. I have read many MCAT course books and think they are all good, and it is a good idea to try different material as much as possible. However, for Science in my opinion the berkley review material was the most comprehensive. It is very detailed it hits the most important concepts, the questions are great and the answers they give are very extensive. My physical sciences improved the most and I would highly recommend the books to anyone. Hope Every One Does Good!
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