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Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by Tigger Tiger, Sep 17, 2000.

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    As I am in the midst of buying my textbooks, I was wondering if anyone could recommend me the best board review books for each course are? Thanks! (USMLE Step 1)
  2. I used The Grid Series for Pathology. A must book!! I still use this book (MS4 now), once in a while. It is good during the course and GREAT for boards. There are Grid Series for about every subject. The Physiology is pretty good also. However, I like the style of the books.

    Micro Made Redic. Simple is a easy to read. A pretty darn good review for the class and boards.

    Anatomy. . .did not find a favorite book. Most are way too detalil for review. Just know it.

    Pharm Cards are probably the best way to go for review and during the class! Important part of boards.

    Bio Chem. . .ahhh wing it [​IMG]

    The top overall review, is First Aide For The Boards!!! Know this book front and back; you will pass part one!!

    Hope this helped! Good Luck. Do not get started too early, you will forget a lot.

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  3. Hi...

    Here are some of my favs for Step 1:

    First Aid (yep, a MUST)

    Biochem: High Yield and Lippincotts (detailed so use it during your course)

    Micro: Made Ridic Simple and High Yield

    Pharm: Lippincott's and High Yield

    Path: BRS and High Yield (you'll undoubtedly see a trend here [​IMG] )

    Anat: High Yield or Ridic Simple

    Behavioral Science: didn't use one (have a couple of degrees in it) but others recommend High Yield

    Molecular Bio: High Yield

    As you can see, I used High Yield series a great deal. However, these are for REVIEW not as primary texts, so you must have others to supplement (usually your course texts).

    For a good review which I've found on target, look at Book Reviews.

    Bestof luck!

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