Best book for intern year (baby miller vs the new baby barash)


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Jan 6, 2011
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    I am trying to pick a first book to read during intern year. I am looking for a good basic book that is easy to read. I want something that will be good preparation for the ITE and give me a head start going in to CA1 year. From reading other threads it looks like baby miller might fit that need. I wanted to know if anyone had thoughts on the new book by barash. It seems like a good book with an introduction to physiology, pharmacology and basic anesthesia and seems to have good reviews. Has anyone used this new book and can comment on it as a starting place and as an ITE review tool. Can anyone comment on the pros and cons to it vs baby miller?
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      Lange. But really just take that time your intern year to learn ya some medicine - not anesthesia. You have another 3 years for that and a solid IM foundation will serve you more than you realize for the rest of your career.
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        Forget that you're an anesthesia resident as an intern. I echo the above comments. Learn as much internal medicine as you can. Focus on cardiology, Pulmonology, inpatient treatment of various endocrine issues, get comfortable with diabetes, understand heart failure and its management, learn how to diagnose and treat a pneumonia, etc etc.

        The gas passing and procedures will come later, and I'd argue, will always remain secondary to your primary skills as a physician

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          If you are dead set on picking a book, pick a topic and read the topic in the different books and find what reads best to you. Most people in residency either preferred Morgan and Mikhail or Baby Miller - it's personal preference. Can't comment on the new Barash book.


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          Sep 8, 2008
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            We were given a copy of the new "baby" Barash book - I'm a huge fan, it's very readable and about a billion times easier to read than the main Barash. I personally used Morgan Mikhail towards the end of intern year, but really just stuck to Pharm and phys sections - a lot of it will honestly just go right out your head unless you are actively using it. Personally not a fan of baby Miller.

            But seriously do not worry much about being an expert before CA-1 year and certainly don't worry much about ITE as it doesn't really mean anything for now.
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