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Best Clerkship Hospitals In MI?

Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by docflanny, Feb 16, 2001.

  1. docflanny

    docflanny Senior Member
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    Dec 4, 1999
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    In the near future, the first year class at MSUCOM will have to decide on their base hospital assignments for 3rd and 4th year.

    For all those who have rotated through or are currently based in the MSUCOM base hospital system, would you please comment on the quality of teaching, facilities, and overall atmosphere of the hospital and community for the following hospitals:

    1. Mount Clemens General
    2. Botsford
    3. Ingham
    4. Garden City Hospital
    5. Genessys

    Any comments would be appreciated; esp. re: Emergency, Orthopedic, and Critical Care specialties.

    Matt Flannigan
    MSUCOM Class of 2004
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  3. Rusty

    Rusty Member
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    Oct 4, 2000
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    Mount Clemens General - very good teaching, they have good ER (largest in Macomb County, I think), until recently was the only open-heart surgery program in the county and complimentary critical care. The Surgery rotations are supposed to be very good and IM is very good but varies greatly depending on the service you are assigned to rotate. Mt. Clemens is a relatively safe place to live, but the big advanatage is the affordable subsidized housing you get, especially if you room with 2 others. Overall excellent facilties for a community hospital.

    Botsford - excellent teaching on most services. Several excellent IM services to rotate with for teaching. Excellent Ortho rotation with ER/Office/OR split. Busy critical care with full-time critical care attendings - very good rotation. Surgery rotations are mostly very good, but a couple of services should be avoided. The 2nd busiest ER in Oakland county. Some people complain about the instensity of rotations and lack of friendliness, but almost everyone I know who rotated there really liked it. The community is nice and you can live in Farmington Hills, Novi, Southfield, Royal Oak - very accessible location. Overall excellent facilties for a community hospital.

    Ingham - highly selected during the lottery, but I never rotated there.

    Garden City - Ortho rotation is very good. The ER is not as good. There are no full-time critical care attendings. A friendly place to rotate which is much less instense than Botsford and generally more relaxed environment. Again lots of options of where to live because of location. Overall average facilties for a community hospital.

    Genesys - also highly selected during the lottery, but I never rotated there.

    If you have other specific questions I can try to answer them or put you in touch with students who rotated there and who can answer them.
  4. kernal

    kernal New Member

    Feb 20, 2001
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    I will be attending MSUCOM this fall but as a working paramedic in Oakland and Wayne Counties I can provide some of my insight to a few of the hospitals. I plan on choosing Botsford and Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital for ER, IM, etc. A good birthing hospital is Riverview in Detroit or perhaps Garden City. I would not choose Garden City or Riverside for ER or ICU they are too slow as far as patients and severity wise they transfer out alot of the cases. I believe POH or Botsford would be your best bets all around! Macomb I'm not as familiar with and Genesys I know is a decent hospital that handles most patients in house.

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