Best Med Med Schools in Egypt, Gulf or Turkey with affordable tuition fees or scholarship

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Dec 17, 2021
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Hi, I'm an Egyptian student looking to study Medicine, I graduated from secondary school advanced stream from UAE 2021.
I'm struggling with finding a university for the next intake or 2022 intake, I'm also open to study in UAE/ GULF/ TURKEY OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY.
The main problem is that I can't afford the huge tuition fees that some universities give like 25K$ in Sharjah University.
So basically I need help to find a university that's is listed as top-ranked in Medicine but with affordable tuition fees or SCHOLARSHIP.

I'm one of the top-ranked students in UAE with good extracurricular activities so I think I can be accepted in a scholarship/Financial aid

I really need help to get information so I can take a step forward and I will appreciate your help.

Thanks & Regards

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