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OK Podiatrist Agrees to Pay $7M to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations

The United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Oklahoma announced that podiatrist Dr. Bryan Andrew Blanck has agreed to pay $7 million to the U.S. to resolve allegations that he violated the False Claims Act. Blanck formerly owned and operated the Valley View Foot and Ankle Center in Ada, OK. This settlement resolves allegations that Blanck submitted false claims to the VA Choice Patient-Centered Community Care programs for excessive medical services and for higher levels of service than what was medically reasonable or necessary for veterans receiving bioengineered skin substitutes and skin substitute-related treatment.

Source: Savannah Sinclair, KTUL [4/17/23]

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This is why I avoid doing in-office grafts despite being potentially lucrative..too much of a headache to deal with
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Today's PM News yielded a bumper crop. Risks of going barefoot, followed by risks of working on concrete floor. April is national foot health month (since when???) plus the US job market is so saturated that somebody had to set up shop in Bermuda (ok ok I know he's UK trained)
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I just can't wait for the 25th!!!!


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