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Best pain meeting?


Pain Physician
15+ Year Member
Nov 16, 2005
In transit
  1. Attending Physician
My department owes me one trip to a conference before I graduate. Thought I'd try to go to a pain meeting, but obviously just missed ASRA. Are there any reputable pain meetings between now and June? Am I correct in thinking that ASRA is the best one to go to? I'll probably try to hit that one up during fellowship next year. I know that AAPM is a disaster. What about ISIS, ASIPP, others? Thanks for advice.


15+ Year Member
May 3, 2005
  1. Attending Physician
Much depends on what you want from a pain meeting...an overall survey? Scientific meeting? Cadaver course meeting? Political meeting?

NASS, ISIS, SPPM, ASIPP, AAPMR have cadaver courses throughout the year...
From the scientific, research, political, and educational standpoint, ISIS and ASIPP are almost diametric opposites but both have useful and necessary contributions. There is a perception that ASIPP is the only politically active organization for pain medicine, but this is incorrect. Their approach is designedly overt in that realm while other organizations use other approaches that may be just as effective in the long run. There is the perception that ISIS is the sole purveyor of science, but even with the position of ISIS in that realm, AAPMR, NASS, ASIPP, AAPM and others have many good publications and research models.
The Bethnia spine course in Zurich in Jan is one of my favorites since it bridges pain and minimally invasive spine....
So you need to pick your focus in pain....
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Full Member
10+ Year Member
Sep 13, 2008
Dallas, Texas
  1. Attending Physician
Because there are so many good meetings, I would make a list of your top five. The algosdoc website has a good list of relevant pain associations and meetings. If someone else is paying for it, I would then choose the location I would want to visit most out of the top five list.
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