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Apr 9, 2014
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If anyone recognizes this issue or can at the very least point me to the best place to ask this question I'd be in your debt. (Every time I type in veterinary dermatology forum, it's some conference in some tropical area about veterinary dermatology and not an actual discussion forum).

So I take my dog to Banfield, and my vet has said she is bewildered by these intermittent outbreaks (they'll happen in waves, and then clear up completely) of some blister like lesions mainly on her chest and front legs. They start like pictured and her fur gets wet looking from all the clear plasma and she finds them tender, after a day they turn dark and scab over, no more form, the scabs get stuck in her hair and when you rub your chest it feels all bumpy from the little dark looking scabs, eventually it all goes back to normal and then a few weeks/months later it happens again. After they scab over she's not in pain other than if you pull on the scab it'll tug her hair and she hates that.

Once her Dr. prescribed an oral antibiotic, oral steroid and chlorohexis solution applied with sterile gauze, the whole process took about the same amount of time as usual and cleared up (no real noticeable effect). It happened again, I took her back, prescribed the same stuff, I didn't give her any of it, it cleared up in the exact same manner.

And now the process starts again. It's not a huge life altering issue but it is tender for her and I'd really like to figure out what's up in case there is an underlying issue and she's just being brave. She's a Sharpei mix from the street, got her when she was about 9 months old and she's about 3 1/2 years old now. This only started a year or so ago, no problems before that. The way it's occurring I could only guess but it seems like it would be auto-immune, but I suppose it could be some environmental allergen too.

If you can't answer questions here then please point me in the right direction. At this point all I can afford is Banfield and not another insurance plan that covers veterinary dermatologists or a veterinary dermatologist visit.

Any help, even guesses or musings is much appreciated!

The area is just above her paw in the picture of Smiley Myrus, also in this link are full sized pictures of area:



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Jul 15, 2009
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The best place is a veterinary dermatologist. Ask your regular vet for referral. SDN isn't for medical advice and we can't give you any. You need to discuss this with your vet.
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