Best residency for palliative care fellowship

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Oct 18, 2016
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Hello all, I was wondering what the opinion is on the best residency for someone who is considering a palliative care fellowship? I am a third year medical student currently. Psych seems to be the best match so far (came natural and I got honors). I am not so sure about family med bc it seems a little too generalized for my tastes. I didn't really like my IM rotation but I am wondering if that was because of the environment of the rotation (rushing through patients/very long hours). Thanks for the input!


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    Nov 12, 2009
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    Can you clarify what you mean by "best"?

    Best, as in highest odds of matching?
    Best, as in most relevant skillset?
    Best, as in most exposure to HPM?
    Best, as in ...?

    With all that said, there is no best specialty for the field.
    You are eligible to pursue to field out of ~10 primary specialties.

    If the right person shows up, it doesn't matter if they did IM, FM, EM, OB, or Psych residency... they will grow to shine and their patients will benefit from their expertise in QoL/EoL care.

    Choose a residency which interests you most today.
    If the drive is still there, HPM will then be there for you tomorrow.
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