Best Way To Allocate My Time (MCAT Prep Companies) To Reach 30+ in 2.5


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Apr 7, 2010
I'm currently signed up for the June 17th MCAT date and I don't intend on pushing it back any further. I spent $1500 on a Kaplan Course that started in January and went to all of the lectures but I haven't been able to keep up with the class almost at all. I've been haphazardly studying on and off at random times and recently I heard great reviews about Examkrackers so I decided to buy that MCAT Study Package. I've gone through some of their books but I feel like I'm constantly being told to do something different to improve my performance. Now, I just became aware of the Berkeley Review and I've heard great reviews about those and how they are "the best". I have a little less than 2.5 months left and I want to maximize the efficiency of my time. Anyone have any suggestions because I just feel lost as to what I should do. Kaplan books, Examkrackers books, order BR books?

(I'm very strong in organic chemistry, pretty decent in verbal, good with bio as long as I get a thorough review, moderate/weak with general chem, and horrendous with physics.)

The only certain thing I know is that I will definitely do AAMC #3-10 in the last 3 weeks.


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Aug 20, 2009
I feel EXACTLY the way you do right now (well maybe not exactly, but pretty close). Does anyone have some advice?
Jan 4, 2010
I just replied to your other post. Dude, instead of investing all of this time in deciding what prep materials are the "best", just get into some of it and start working on the material. They all generally cover the same stuff and, although some might emphasize some information more than the others and some might give you more information than you actually need to know, I seriously doubt that your score is going to be THAT influenced by what material you use. I would say definitely use EK101 Verbal for verbal review. Everything else, make sure you understand the concepts and don't just memorize the info. Beyond all of that, just start studying. If whatever material you use isn't working, go to wikipedia or google and find a source that explains it well enough for you.