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Jul 4, 2001
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whats the best way to prepare for usmle? should you get review books and review throughout the second year or study only a month or two before like most people do for the mcat? also, areprep classes like princeton review common and would you recommend them?

the reason i ask is because i have one friend who bought review books (not sure which kind) and they helped her with knowing what was important when she was actually taking the class, plus they were good board review...except for BRS, are there any "must have" review books? thanks in advance :)


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Jan 4, 2002
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Studying your "board review" books throughout your classes is a good way to see what's important to put into long term memory, and it makes it more of a review rather than relearn when you sit down to study for boards. For actual board prep, questions are key. Q-bank is best, but use other sources like the previous questions CD or whatever you can get your hands on too.


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Aug 24, 2001
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If you feel really motivated, you could read some of those books right now. I've read BRS physio 3 times and half of Micro made simple, and actually learned a ton. [brag] I actually know how to calculate inulin clearence.[/brag]
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i agree with all the above replies. brs path, physio, and anatomy are really good. lippincott's and/or appleton and lange for biochem, pharm, and micro are great, too, in my opinion. first-aid is only good when you get ready for boards...

some people need a kick in the ass and since they can't do it themselves, they pay kaplan to do it for them. however, if you're a self-motivator, you probably can study on your own.
again, pay attention to your basic science courses and then it won't seem like a hassle to review it when boards time comes. 2 days left...yikes!
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