Best way to prepare for new MCAT Exam?

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Will most likely be taking MCAT Summer 2017 or Fall 2017 and around that time. What is the best way to prepare for the exam??? What book is the best MCAT study book???


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Just as it has been since 1991, when they switched to the passage-based style of the MCAT, to best prepare you need to practice with passages and their accompanying questions in a timed setting. Then, after you have done that, you need to thoroughly review every question to make sure you (a) understand the concepts, (b) have a good approach to the question, and (c) could get the question right (or one like it) if you saw it in the future. Spend a little time reviewing material, but the majority of your study time should be practicing and reviewing the answers.

The best materials will be debated over and over, with most people professing the virtues of whatever they used. Most people use two resources for review and practice and the most recent poll lists BR and EK as the two most favored for the current MCAT. That's pretty impressive when you think how little they advertise.

The bottomline is that you should look at the materials and make sure it matches your style of learning and reviewing and read the answer explanations to make sure they teach you the material and how to take the exam. If you like what you are using, then you will study more. If they teach you how to attack the passages and questions most efficiently, then you will improve.
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