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Does anyone know the best way to raise a GPA would be....I am a non-traditional applicant...with a undergrad major in the sciences... I was advised it would be better to get experience vs. take more classes, however, now Im wondering what the best route is for non-traditional applicants.... i.e. is it better to get into a program where you take med school courses, take undergrad upper division courses, or get a master's degree in the sciences.... Im a nurse also, and my employer pays for a free FNP program, however, this truely isn't what I want. Does anyone know what medical schools value more?? Do admissions even care if you took med school classes vs. take a bunch of upper division science courses? Please Help!:oops:


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This subject has been covered in depth in Pre-allo and the Nontraditional Students forums. There isn't any difference for a person who is a member of a group that is under represented in medicine in terms of raising an undergraduate GPA.

There is a Search function at the top of every forum where you can search threads in that forum. This is where you should start in Pre-Allopathic and in the Non-traditional Forum. You might also look at some of the "stuck" threads at the top of those forums too.

This forum addresses topics that relate to racial and ethnic populations that are underrepresented in the health care profession. Fortunately, trying to raise an poor undergraduate GPA is not a topic that is specific to URMs and is a topic that has been extensively covered in the Pre-Allo and Non-trad forums.
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