Nov 17, 2010
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Is it too late in the game for programs to upload my step 2 scores released today or should I email the PD/PC directly? I don't know if the deadlines listed for the programs on their website indicate that's when they no longer upload new info from ERAS. Thanks for the help.


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May 7, 2009
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I released my Step 2 scores to all programs the afternoon after I got the results back. On ERAS, I saw that all the programs where my application was still pending had downloaded the updated reports within the next 2 days. Judging by the longshot interview invites I've received since then, I have a feeling it MAY have impacted their decision.

I did not contact any of those programs by email with an update about the score. However, if your Step 2 CK is significantly higher than your Step 1, that might be a good idea this late in the game. At least it can't hurt.


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Jan 19, 2007
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Release the results in ERAS and keep an eye on it. Don't contact programs unless you see that they haven't downloaded the results from ERAS after 2-3 business days. Good luck.
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