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Binghamton Science vs Stony Brook Science (Pre-Med)


New Member
Apr 22, 2013
    Are Binghamton's science classes easier than Stony Brook's science classes, or are they equally as hard? Are the curves more generous or pretty much the same? I've heard that there is a lot of competition among Stony Brook science students, but is it the same at Binghamton? Or just a slight, insignificant difference? Also, how large are the science classes at Bing vs. Stony? Thanks!


    One who wants to be many
    Jul 27, 2011
    New York
    1. Non-Student
      I wouldn't say either universities have "easier" classes than each other, but I can say that Stony Brook is a HUGE university with lecture halls that have 300 students I believe it was. A typical classroom setting is around 50+ students.

      Binghamton and Stony Brook are both great schools but Stony Brook is more known for their pre-med program and they have their own training hospital. I say visit both universities. I only gave Stony Brook a short visit and it is like it's own city. Really really big, was a turn off for me personally but if you're into that give that a look.

      Stony Brook info here: http://studentaffairs.stonybrook.edu/res/success/classes.shtml


      New Member
      Jun 6, 2013
        If I could use one quote or one post to explain a typical Binghamton student I would use this post. A student who selects a college on the basis of which has easier classes or a better curve is ideal for a school where that mentality predominates. These are the B students in high school who could care less about the material they are studying but will argue for an hour about whether or not they deserve one more point on their test. They may have no interest in the subject matter, would never read an article not assigned, got through high school on Spark Notes or borrowing other students' homework, have no interest in anything academic, would find a debate about any related topics to be a bore, but who have memorized the part of the syllabus containing the point rubric. Talk about an anti-intellectual climate! These are the students who, as high school seniors, still raised their hand to ask, "do we need to read the footnotes and the information in the text boxes?'

        So to the Original Poster I have to say that Binghamton would be a good fit. Maybe Stony Brook is too. Can't say. But you'll encounter kindred spirits in every Binghamton classroom.
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