Biochem at PCOM

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Oct 2, 2002
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OK - I got this letter in the mail from PCOM about this course - Introduction to Biochemistry/Molecular Biology This course is offered during the summer to incoming D.O. students. It is not an absolute prerequisite and no credit is allotted, however it is strongly recommended.

Now, normally I would take it - except for the fact that I am a biochem major - and have taken numerous biochemistry courses already (and have 4+ years of biochem lab experience with publications).

So, should I take this course? Will it cover something I haven't seen before, or will it go over the same topics (carbohydrate/lipid/protein/nucleic metabolism, enzyme kinetics, gene expressions/replications, etc)

Should I spend $600 (and give up my summer before med school) or should I just review my Voet's Biochem book, Albert's "Molecular Bio of the Cell", Lodish's "Molecular Cell Bio", and other fun books (bedtime readings, of course)?


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Feb 21, 2003
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I emailed Felber today (he is on a sheet that came with the announcement) and according to him, any biochem text will serve as a good review. Therefore, I am assuming that it will be of the general nature.
I also called one of the profs (Dr. Gorski) and asked to see a copy of the syllabus. He it was possible to get it, but I would have to wait till it was on the blackboard (as well as the powerpoint presentations). I did not have a chance to contact Dr. Daghigh.

Like you I was a biochem major with a lot of experience, so I am hesitant to enroll for the course. I am trying to get more info. Hope this helps.

see ya in august


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Feb 20, 2003
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If you have a degree in biochem, you will be ahead of most of the students and there is absolutely no reason for you to take the summer course. The biochem at PCOM is not that difficult compared to what you learned as a biochem major and is only difficult for some people who have not ever taken a biochem class. The only difficult part is immunology. This portion is only tough because dr fresa who teaches most of the immuno part just can't teach and is very confusing so just stick with the book on that part & don't bother going to class. As far as a textbook, make sure the biochem book is a medical biochem book since this is what the course stresses. They recommend "Basic Medical Biochemistry" by Marks but I think the biochem book in the board review series is sufficient. The course is also all encompassing and includes micro, imtro to pharm & some patho. Your grade is also boosted by going to required case studies and micro lab.