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Aug 20, 2015
Psychology Student
Hey, I'm a psych major en route to psychiatry. With all the pre-med requirements, I'll have all the credits required to minor in biology, and I can add just a couple classes to minor in chemistry too. Does this make any difference to applications? I know it won't have much of an impact but regardless, I would like to declare those minors simply because the credits are there and available. Does it work like that? Will I look like I'm trying to stretch out more from my credits than is actually there? Will it have a negative effect?


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Jun 5, 2015
Medical Student
Adcoms would probably look favorably on a student who could take and ace upper level biology/chemistry classes. However, I think the general consensus is it doesn't really matter what your major/minor is/are, what matters are your classes, grades and rigor of your class schedule.