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Jan 26, 2008
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So I just took test #3 of the new Crack the Science software for Bio. My reaction of the test was simply WTF. They asked the most specific questions about things e.g. species names and asked a good amount about #s. Has anyone else tried it and do you guys feel the same way?

I also have been trying out Destroyer and Kaplan, which I feel are more realistic. Can anyone vouch for whichever prep item resembles the Bio section of the DAT the most? Thanks in advanced


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Dec 18, 2008
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As I read on here and learned the hard way, kaplan bio is not good enough at all. Well..Kaplan bio got me from a 15 (on practice tests) when I first started studying to a 18 on the real thing.

Seems like other reference is needed for that extra boost over to 19 and 20. AP Cliffs Bio is reallly good, but you have to know it cold.

Currently I am in the process of getting other study materials for the bio section


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May 13, 2008
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if you want something good for bio go for the cliffs bio book. it is awesome. it is short and sweet and not too boring. Also, when reading you will find little notes and the end of the paragraphs and I personally have seen some direct questions from those notes on my first version of the dat. For bio you need to review before you start testing yourself. I would start with the cliffs book and maybe some class notes, then practice with topscore and destroyer to see what you need to brush up on. kaplan is alright in my opinion, not too bad, and some of those little notes are in kaplan too, just like cliffs.


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Aug 26, 2007
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I think one of the best sources for all the sciences are the High Yield books they are inexpensive and are condensed review/learnable material. I got a 22 on my Bio on the real DAT with them. Check them out.
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