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Two questions:

I have taken General Bio I, and A+P I and II, but no microbiology or Gen Bio II. What should I do to help prepare for the micro questions? I have the Kaplans, Barrons, and the Cliffnotes tests.

Also, are there alot of questions about DNA and genetics?



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May 2, 2007
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Using the set of study guides you have right now should adequately prepare you for the biology section for the most part. As other posters have said before, getting a basic microbiology textbook from a friend or from will be helpful if you want to score 90+ in the biology section. In my opinion, biology is a tough section to score really high on because everyone studies a lot for the section, which means you need to miss fewew answers to score high. As for genetics and DNA, I'd say you should definitely brush up on basic het/homo crosses and review a couple basic molecular biology techniques, like centrifugation, gel electrophoresis.