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Sep 2, 2002
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hey is anyone using their material how are you doing on their full lengths? Their verbal is weak but their sciences are hard anyone have the same prob. what are you guys scores on the full lengths from berkeley. Anyone taking their course? Anyone have something to say about their material?


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Apr 2, 2003
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Here is my experience, but be aware that each person has a different experience and may be completely opposite to mine so you should judge for yourself...

I enrolled in the course and attended for 3 weeks. They have some great instructors as well as some really not great ones. I realized my time is spent much more efficiently studying on my own. As you mentioned, their science is hard. If you have all the time in the world, why not learn everything in depth? I do not have all the time in the world to learn unneccesary details nor filter out what's important and not. Therefore, I stopped using their material and exclusively EK now.

I think the BR material is great and all - maybe I'd follow it if I wasn't enrolled in school but time is limited - I mean I remember the last thing I read before I said screw this was them going over the quadratic formula - c'mon!


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Sep 6, 2002
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I think their materials are fabulous. I'm taking the course, which I'm enjoying, but the real power is in BR's passages (except verbal). I've only taken one test (Exam 1) thus far, though. :)
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