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Jun 15, 2001
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Can anyone explain the whole block system when it comes to classes? I haven't had any experience with this so I don't understand it.


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Apr 25, 2001
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Well, not all schools do this, but UHCO does exam weeks in blocks. (some med schools do this too!) So, we have five weeks of classes and labs and then lectures stop for a week.. every day for that exam week we have a mid-term. Once exam week is over.. lectures start up again. The school thinks it works better this way because we focus on exams all at once.. rather than putting off other classes for one exam we have one week and then putting off more classes for the next exam we have the next week. (you know we all do this) So, that's the way UHCO does testing. We'll see how it works. All the students I've talked to love it and think it works much better. Of course, there's always a big "after-block" party on the back deck of the optometry building. :D
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