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Nov 26, 2008
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My dad's blood pressure has been pretty well under control -- until the election. He got so involved that when he woke up one day he found his b.p. was sky-high, about 200/120 (about a day before the election).

Since then it hasn't reached that figure, but he still gets a high b.p. reading when he takes it for the first time (whether in the morning or afternoon doesn't seem to make a difference). A typical reading is about 200/104

However -- it very quickly drops; within 5 minutes or so it's down to around 170/92, and about ten minutes later it comes down to around 130/74; if I take it for him again later in the day it's still about that level. ( I check his b.p. about 3 times per week)

Is the lst reading of the day the most important, or is the aveage thru the day what's important?

Anything here to be concerned about? My (amateur) diagnosis is that it's a kind of 'white-coat' hypertension the lst time I take his blood pressure, but of course I don't really know.


P.S. I've tried posting this on other forums but all I get are 'wow that's a high b.p. he should see a doctor' types of answers -- I hope I get a more analytical answer than this! Of course we have made an appnt with his doctor, but we need some feedback now.

Generally he's in good health and pretty fit

Thanks all


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Apr 2, 2005
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Tennisball is correct- SDN cannot provide any medical advice. Make sure to write down all your questions for when you go in to talk with your dad's doctor, and best of luck.

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