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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by MZN, Nov 28, 2002.

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    hi everyone,

    I was just reading the interview feedback sites, and on a couple of Vandy interviews, applicants were asked the difference between Blue Grass and Country music. Can anyone please tell me the answer. I tried to look it up elsewhere on the internet, but I found only sites where I could purchase this type of music (which I am not so interested in in the first place).

    Also, why do people like Vanderbilt? I like the high student satisfaction and the warm climate. Does anyone have reasons that have more directly to do with their program?
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    Oct 29, 2002
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    I'm from NY, and the ONE country music station we had recently changed format, so take my opinion for what it's worth...

    I would say that country places a greater emphasis on lyrics while bluegrass tends to be instrumental.
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    Mar 15, 2001
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    I'm afraid I can't be much help regarding country music vs. blue grass music. I suspect that it's a rare question, perhaps a favorite of one specific interviewer. Trust me that being a country music lover and/or Southerner are not necessary for admission to Vanderbilt medical school.

    Some good things about Vanderbilt:
    -kind and supportive faculty
    -students are generally cooperative and not cut-throat
    -good reputation and research opportunities, although certainly there are schools that beat Vanderbilt here
    -nice, new facilities--Research Building III, children's hospital, ENT and musculo-skeletal center (under construction)
    -affordable, safe and often unfairly maligned city
    -lots of elective opportunities
    -traditional curriculum provides solid preparation

    Regarding the last point, the curriculum is rigorous and traditional (though many days required classes end by noon), and Vanderbilt is absolutely not a cake-walk of a medical school. Hopefull that will pay off when I take Step I.

    I hope this helps, and best of luck with your interview!
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    Well, nowadays there are more similarities, but here's a general idea of the difference b/w bluegrass and country

    Bluegrass is a "string" music - usually no drums, etc. They usually have 1) a banjo - almost always, 2) mandolin, 3) fiddle/violin, 4) bass, 5) guitar, 6) sometimes other "hillbilly" instruments

    Country is a ''band" music with drums and guitars being the norm, and sometimes piano. Modern country has electric guitars, etc.

    If you want to hear the difference, download these songs and compare:

    Bill Monroe - "Shady Grove" - Excellent Bluegrass example
    Montgomery Gentry - "She Couldn't Change Me" - somewhat modern country example.

    -Jamier2, resident hick.

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