board preparation and ur school

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May 28, 2007
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Do u guys feel that ur school is preparing u for board by asking questions in test that matches board quality?

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As far as LECOM-B goes, I think our tests were very close to COMLEX. As one might expect at an osteopathic school, not so much for USMLE.
Hey ShyRem!!!!!!

There are a handful of professors that word their exams similar to the boards and will also present their classes in such a way. The unfortunate part is that most don't believe in teaching to the information that is tested on the boards. Some have their own agenda, but I believe that it is all with good intentions (for the most part).

I believe that our school should have been more proacitve in preparing students for the boards. I don't see that as unethical and it would only make sense that if the people who designed the boards felt that the tested information was important to know before going into clinicals, then why not teach that information.

My experience so far has shown me that common things are common and that all the extra info that was crammed during systems made it that much more challenging to retain the most common stuff.

I believe a more common mistake is that institutions for education don't use all their tools to the best ability. I believe that exams that are given at the end of every system should also be used as a learning tool and not just a measure of how well you memorized or crammed (though knowlege is key there)!

I believe Brown University has a pretty good program for preparing their students for USMLE. I believe that if it is successful then other schools should mimic their approach. Go check it out.