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Dec 26, 2004
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    haha sike, I don't know :(

    I'm just assuming because it isn't talked about much, that it's not as helpful as the popular brands. MCAT takers want only the best...and I had never heard of EK until I visited this site. So based on that, if the barrons review book was "exceptional" we would have heard stuff about it maybe?

    Haha so I guess you'd be better off using an EK, or TPR, Kaplan book
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    Oct 26, 2004
      I have read some good things about EK books in this forum. If I am planning on supplementing Kaplan course with EK, is it a good idea to buy only specific books from EK that have good ratings (like EK 1001 - in bio; Review Book - in OChem) or would I be better off buying an entire package (both the EK 1001's and the Review Books)?
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