books for step 1


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Apr 28, 2002
5-HT and D receptors
Not so sure what you mean by mcq's, but some good books for the Boards are:
-First Aid (in the back of this book, there is a list of other board review books with ratings in them, use this to pick additional books on different subjects)
-BRS Pathology
-BRS Physiology
-High Yield Behavioral Sciences
-Board Simulator Series
-Underground Clinical Vignettes
-Others (Look in First Aid for recommendations)


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Feb 26, 2002
hi thanks for ur reply,
i know their r names of good review books in the
end of first aid ,but im confuse how many review books we have to use for 1 subject ,cuz their r almost 20 names of review books given in first aid
and secondly did these review books contain enough mcqs for usmale practice or we have to their additional books of mcqs,lastly could u give me ur e-mail address cuz we r both in same year.
thanking u
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