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Jul 31, 2012
I am starting my MCAT prep and have a few questions. I have gone over biology using a Kaplan Comprehensive review book already. My question is I was considering geting the EK 1001 questions for each section. Is it better to use the EK books with them or the TPR (Ive read the TPR are better but the EK books are made to go with the EK 1001 questions books). I took my undergrad maybe 5 years ago so Im pretty rusty on content and the questions seem to drive a lot of thinking. The startegy:

Subject review alongside EK1001 for each section.

Do EK VR101 passages during above

After content is finished do AAMC Diagnostic and revisit weak areas

Start Practice Tests and adjust as needed.

Ive taken one AAMC practice test, test 3, just to get adjusted. I was pretty distracted during it but thought it was a pretty good to get going.

If you could please post what your score was with any ideas. Dont mean to be snooty but Im am aiming high :). Thanks everyone!
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