Boston- best place to live??


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Dec 17, 2003
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    I am a soon-to-be B.U. student and I was wondering if anyone could be give some advice about nice places to live? the better neighborhoods in Boston, the ones to avoid, etc...

    By the way, real state values in the northeast is absolutely ridiculous! I have a real state magazine from Boston and there's pictures of ugly trailers worth over 150,000!!!


    P.S.- March madness= Gator basketball! ;)


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    Jun 25, 2003
      If you want to live near the school, you can try South End/Back Bay.....there are some really nice places for rent....but also very expensive.

      Search this website - I found it helpful.

      Also contact the Office of Off-Campus Services at 617-638-5125, or send an email to Laurie Dubois at [email protected]. Every Friday you will get a list of available places for rent.

      Good Luck, fellow classmate.


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      Oct 13, 2003
        Hey, I've lived here my whole life but am going to Penn for dental school. Boston real estate is kind of crazy, one of the most expensive places in the country. What most people I know do is go through a company. You have to pay them 1 month rent as a fee, but they could probably get you a place close to school and it would be easy. You're looking to pay 700-1000 dollars a month for a 1 bedroom/studio. (on the low end) If you have any questions, i'll try to answer.
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