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Mar 16, 2002
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I'd be interested in the thoughts/experiences of those now looking at private practice options.

Recently (or maybe not quite so recently), there have been some stories in the media concerning so-called boutique medicine. MDVIP, for example, is a company helping physicians to organise practices of this sort. Physicians generally restrict the number of pateints they have, say, 300 or so vs whatever the average HMO-type practice does, and are available for house calls and immediate access by patients. Patients pay for this with a 'membership' or retainer-type arrangement; a fee paid that is separate from what the physician bills for services. Many patients, especially those who are older and wealthy, are willing to avail themselves of this service. My personal opinion is that in a free-market, capitalist society, a mutually-agreed upon arrangement like this is fine.

Have any of you looking at private practice considered or investigated this? Waht was your opinion of the practice arrangement when you did? Di you see this as a benefit for the patients involved?

Please let's not let this inquiry devolve into a debate about whether free market ecenomics should apply to medicine, whether it's fair to the poor, or any of the rest of that. I'm interested in hearing from those who've looked at a practice such as this and their thoughts regarding the care of patients in these programs and the physician working environment.
Thanks to all!
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