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Mar 7, 2007
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On pg. 194, I have a question about the second set of molecules listed from the top. BR describes them as an enantiomeric pair b/c both of the chiral centers of different. I have looked at this for two days now and I'm still not seeing it.

For the molecule on the left, going Left to Right. I get S, S

For the molecule on the right going Left to Right, I get S,R

Can someone explain this to me, or at least let me know what the proper configuration should be?



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May 7, 2009
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I also got S, S for the one on the left, and I got R, R for the one on the right.

For the one on the right, make sure you have OH as group 1, the other chiral carbon as group 2, and CH3 as group 3. That should have you going clockwise, and since group 4 is facing away, it's R. And you got R for the other one, so I'm guessing you're good on that.

It's probably one of those things where you've just been looking at it too long and it's all distorted in your head :)