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BRAND NEW Dr. Collins for sell


New Member
Jul 24, 2009
  1. Pre-Pharmacy
Hi friends I m new here. I have been a silent member since past few months. :)

I have registered here for saling my Brand New Dr. Collins.

Actually, after reading all the review of the Dr. Collins .......I finally bought it in $325.:thumbup:
After receiving it yesterday .......I realised that I already had it!!!!!:eek: actually my friend gave me some materials for free and she have these too!!! but I never realised that she have dr. Collins material as she told me that thhese are her local class material. She lives in FLorida..so she took that classes!!:scared:

So now I m selling that new material! original Dr. collins is $ 325........I can sell it in $295.:)

If anyone intrested ........email me on [email protected]

ps - I live near Houston, TX
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