Mar 16, 2010
Hi all-
I am kind of an odd duck here, as I am currently in a BSN program (I am a junior), hoping to apply to med school once I graduate.
Here are my stats:
GPA: 3.72
I have not taken the MCAT yet, and will more than likely take later in 2010.
School activities: I was a resident assistant for one year, and currently on the exec board for my student nurses association, and will be VP of said board next year.
Volunteer experience: During the summer I volunteer at a camp for children/adults who are cognitively disabled. At the camp we do music therapy, and I help with basic tasks for the campers (minor treatments, toileting, transfering, and 1:1 supervision).
Health care experience: I have been all over the board here. I have worked in assisted living, skilled nursing, a neurosurgery floor (in the largest hospital in my state), and currently work as an ED tech/unit secretary. Overall it is about 4 years of healthcare experience (full time during the summer, and every other weekend during the school year).

I still need to finish some pre-req's (2 more chem classes, a physics and calculus class) but I feel pretty confident in this because I am pretty strong in my science classes.

Anyway, do I even have a chance? And do you think it will hurt me that I am applying with a nursing degree?
Just an FYI, I had always wanted to be a doctor... I got one C+ in my honors biochem class in high school, and I let it get me discouraged. Now that I have started to work in the hospital/ED, I have realized that I prefer the role of the MD as opposed to the RN. I love nursing, and have the utmost respect for nurses, but I feel as if my heart is in medicine. You only live once, so why not follow your dreams, right?
Thanks for all of your help!

Kelly R.


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May 21, 2008
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Nursing to medicine isn't odd at all, check out the nontrad forum.

Anyway, what is your sGPA? If you've done well in prereqs and can get a decent score on the MCAT, you're competitive. Your cGPA is fine.


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Jan 22, 2010
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So far so good.

Get a good MCAT.
Sep 4, 2006
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Yes, you have a chance with a convincing explanation for the transition. Your cGPA is competitive. With a 30+ MCAT score, you should be in good shape. You'll need some formal physician shadowing, ideally in an office setting since you've watched docs work in the hospital. Your clinical experience is terrific. Are you engaging in any regular (weekly) nonmedical community service?


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Apr 14, 2009
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You have a really good chance (with a good MCAT of course)
If you want to be really safe and increase your chances at some upper tier schools do some shadowing/research too if you can.