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Building School List for Reapplicant Entering SMP in Fall


New Member
Jan 30, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Hi guys, let me get straight to it. I'm reapplying this cycle and I'm entering an SMP in the Fall.
Here's my stats/background:

Psych major at state school (Florida)
cGPA: 3.38, sGPA: 3.26, 3 W's, last 60 credits were closer to 3.0-3.1 gpa
512 MCAT (126,128,128,130)
800 hours scribing, 50 hours shadowing both DO and MD, letter from a DO
400 hours human factors psych research assistant
4 volunteering activities over the last 4-5 years, ranging from 50 to 200 hours each.
Working now as a psych tutor for the MCAT.
SMP: I'm choosing between BU, VCU, and Georgetown right now, could anyone offer some insight into which I should choose?

Last cycle I applied to both MD and DO, got DO interviews (PCOM, UNECOM, LMUCOM) but no acceptances. I'm assuming my GPA isn't up to snuff to compete which is why I'm looking to do the SMP and I probably have to work on my interview skills.

So how do I go about building a list when schools won't have my grades from the SMP until later? I'm positive I'll do well because it'll be my only focus and I'll be studying 10 hours a day. But school won't see that until later in the cycle.
Let's start with the obvious:

DO schools:
A bunch of them, low, mid, and high tier everywhere. All of the ones in the Southeast.
MD schools:
State schools (even though I'll be elsewhere starting in fall.)

What else can I add to that? Are there any specific schools that look favorably on SMP applicants and put them to the side to wait for their grades, or are more likely to offer acceptances conditional on SMP grades in the spring? Where am I in terms of competitiveness relative to last year? All that's changed really is work as a teacher/tutor and some volunteering that got suspended because of COVID-19. But I will be in a competitive SMP that mirrors medical school to show that I will do great in medical school.

Any school recommendations are highly appreciated because I am not sure where I stand as a reapplicant who hasn't started the SMP yet.
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