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Feb 11, 2008
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i have recently graduated with a bachelors in business at a university with a 2.94 gpa and not finding a job so im thinking of a field change. I was a pre-med major but thought it was overwhelming so i changed to business but this was when i was a freshman, only 17 years old and stupid. I am now 22 and i feel like i have the drive and motivation to do pharmacy. Im passionate about helping people and the money is good too. So what do u think i should do in order to become a pharmacist. i was thinking going to the local community college and do required coursework. but i am thinking the low gpa will hold me back from getting in pharm school. I was thinking this pharm school: I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR INPUT. thanks a lot in advance.

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I was in your situation before I started pharmacy school, but different major. You can take any of the remaining Pre-pharmacy coursework at a community college. I had finished the required science courses as an undergrad and finished up the other necessary pre-recs in community college. Do well on your PCAT and really show your motivation to become a pharmacist in your personal statement. I also recommend getting a job as a pharmacy technician before you apply.