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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Erin, Mar 10, 2000.

  1. Erin

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    Mar 10, 2000
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    Ok, here's my story:

    *Junior at the U. of Tennessee
    *California resident
    *3.5 GPA
    *Accounting Major, Spanish Minor
    *Resident Assistant
    *Orientation Leader
    *Many volunteer, club, and student government experiences

    *Wanted to be ob/gyn all my life, decided not to only because of a registration glitch my freshman year that put me in geology instead of on the track to premed, doing accounting only because I'm good at it

    *Been thinking a lot lately about career choices, and I'm feeling more and more as though I will not be happy unless I pursue my dream and become an ob/gyn (I have no doubts it'd be an awesome fit). And I really want to do this now.

    *Problem: I plan to take gen. chem and bio next year (my senior year!) and graduate in may with my accounting degree. I will then take physics and organic in what will be my fifth year, but in addition to taking one more year now, I won't be ready for the MCAT until AFTER my fifth year, putting me TWO YEARS behind for med school.

    *Question: Not really SHOULD I do this, but HOW SHOULD I do this: Work and attend JC to fulfill science reqs, stay here as a full time student and volunteer and then work the year after, or what? Knowing that med school is two and a half years off is a little discouraging, but it's better than the prospect of being an unhappy accountant.

    *Feel free to tell me if I'm dreaming too, I need feedback from people in the field, because most everyone I've been talking to is supportive, but doesn't really know what I'm facing.


    Go Vols
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  3. Nanon

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    Feb 15, 2000
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    Erin - If you want to speed up the process, you could always do summer school. Here's the plan I worked out for you (if I may be so presumptious) if you were to go this route. You take first semester physics this summer. Do gen chem and bio the next two semesters. Do first semester ochem over the next summer. Then do second semester ochem and physics that next fall, while taking an MCAT prep of your choice. You'll be ready to take the MCAT in the spring.

    Now, after doing all of this, you'll never want to see the inside of another classroom again, but you won't have to for several months. I suggest you CHILL for a few months.

    This plan is based actually on what I intend to do. I've been in college for five years, and I have two to go. I still have to do my physics, and I'm not willing to wait that extra year, so I'm taking first semester physics this summer, and I took first semester ochem last summer. This plan is not for the faint at heart, but a lot of people do it and survive.

    Good luck to you-

  4. MEto MD

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    Jan 27, 2000
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    I would work fulltime and take the prereq's at night. There is no such thing as being behind. I worked for 5 years and I'm starting med school this fall. Enjoy the time off.
  5. alina

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    Feb 29, 2000
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    I'd say it depends on what kinds of jobs will be open to you when you graduate and how anxious you are to graduate...If you'll be able to get by on less than a full-time income, then go ahead and graduate and take night classes. I also decided rather late that I wanted to go to medical school but I was too exhausted at the time to take a fifth year. I finished my psych degree, got a job as a research assistant, and finished the requirements at night and in intensive summer classes. Looking back, I think I would have been better off if I'd taken 5 years to finish my degree- I would have had better financial aid options and I would have had more time to devote to school work. Though it's possible to take organic chem while working full-time, I wouldn't recommend it. My grades have suffered some because I have too little time. Good luck!
  6. psi1467

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    Feb 4, 2000
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    This is a decision that you will ultimately have to weigh. I am similar to you in that I did not decide to go after med school until 3-4 months after I graduated. Catching up will be tough. Currently, I'm taking both inorganics, organic I, and physics. I work midnights full-time in order to pay rent and undergrad loans, and sometimes I go several days in between sleep. Yet, I've still managed A's in all the courses, and I imagine it will be good practice for med school and residency. However, I would not suggest others trying this idiotic approach if they had an alternative. You seem to have a few options. Make sure you weigh each of them carefully. If I were you I would stay for a fifth year, you'll really miss undergrad once it's gone. I can assure you that I am living a much less glorious life than I did as an undergrad. I hope this has helped in some way.

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