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"...but I just had no intention of living this way."

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by KMorris3, Nov 6, 2000.

  1. KMorris3

    KMorris3 Senior Member
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    Oct 27, 2000
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    Applying to medical school must be the most disconcerting process out there. I have interviewed at one school. I will not find out if I am accepted for another two months, when the committee meets for the first time (It is a state school). Well, at least it will be over then, right? No. No it won't. Do you know why? Because I will be put on some cracker jack waiting list. Then I will wait. Through January, February, March. Meanwhile, people with multiple acceptances will be sitting there trying to make a really difficult decision as to which school they want to attend. Yes, that was sarcasm. DECIDE! You are really annoying me. Let's see, should I retake the MCAT? Should I study as hard as I can for four months to take the test again? I DON'T KNOW. You know why? Because I have to wait seven months to know whether or not I was accepted the first time around. Well what about the other schools? Oh, well let's see. I sent in my applications at the end of September, and I have only heard from one person. Who? Well, his name is JACK ****. That's right, he's a real friendly guy. You would like him a lot. They don't have the decency to reject me outright or to tell me that they want to interview me. No, they have to drag it out. And just today I learned that many schools send out their rejection letters all at once, and sometimes they wait until the spring to do so. In addition, you can be put on an interview waiting list. An interview waiting list, what is that? I wonder how many people on interview waiting lists ever made it into medical school. Rather than becoming a doctor, I feel like I am visiting one. Don't let that one slip over your head. I think this is ridiculous. All I want to do is become a doctor. It's all I've ever wanted to do. It's what I would be best at. It's what I would enjoy. I didn't even know getting into medical was so competitive when I started out. Call me naive, but I didn't think this many people were obsessed with doing something that would benefit this crack pot world. You know, looking back, I almost wish this was my freaking personal statement, because mine was crap.
  2. Nice post...I feel for you. I too, applied to professional school (dental school that is) and am just waiting around to hear from them. I'm in my senior year in college, and in the meanwhile I'm planning some backup things. But one thing that I have a little luckier is that the DAT can be taken at anytime, wheras the MCAT is a scheduled date. I just wanted to post this so you know that you are not alone...there are many others with you in this waiting game. So, hope for the best, and plan for the worst. Good luck to both of us!

  3. Doc Oc

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    Nov 1, 2000
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    This is my second time applying. The first time, I had heard rejections from 7 of the schools before the new year. The 8th came after the new year, and the last one came in March. Luckily, I was accepted a few weeks ago this time, so I don't have to play the waiting game, but I do understand how you are feeling because I went through it. However, last time I thought my rejections were relatively prompt.
    As for waiting for interview invites, try to remember that they go through March, even April for some schools. When you get an invite, look on www.interviewfeedback.com and see how many people who were interviewed that late ended up getting accepted. In general, pre-meds like to brag, so they usually either wait to post their feedback until after they know they got in, or they post a follow-up comment saying they got in. I remember reading some posts on that site where people talked about getting wait-listed forever but finally got in.
    Finally, some schools let you submit additional info if you are waitlisted. Not everyone knows this, so not everyone will do it. Call the school and see if you can find out where you are on the list and if you can send additional information. It can't hurt, and it gets your name out there.
    I agree, waiting sucks, but most people haven't got in anywhere yet. If you haven't got any interview invites by the end of January, then start studying for the MCAT anyway (if you think retaking it will help). Anyway, I enjoyed your post, and I think it read most of our minds!

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