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C vs BS vs MS in PA


New Member
15+ Year Member
May 7, 2001
    Can anyone give me insight into the differences between these 3 PA programs?
    Upon graduation do MS pa's make more money?
    Since i already have a BS, should i only apply to MS programs or should i be ok in getting a second BS in PA?
    Honestly i rather not take the GRE if there is no difference.


      usadoc-many states now require a minimum of a bs to be a pa so I would set that as the minimum and skip the cert only programs.masters level p.a.'s do not make more money than b.s. level. a pa can get a masters in some entry level programs if they already have a bs or through a post grad training program or residency. the main impetus for p.a.'s to get graduate degrees was the fact that all of the np's get them now. it's just a resume thing.if you have a bs already, you might as well get the masters.I got a second bs in my program and the next year they switched to the ms for the same program. needless to say, I went back and got a postgrad emergency med masters. some masters level programs do not require the gre by the way. hope that helps-
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