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Sep 5, 2002
US Navy
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Does anyone have a good calendar for application to dental school--For example

Jan 04
Feb--Volunteer hours worked
Mar--Take the DAT
Apr--Get letters of Recommendation
May--fill out application online
Sep 05--Go to dental school



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Aug 27, 2003
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There is know exact formula for this. I would say the general rule of thumb is to apply as soon as you can. Some of this depends on which prerequisites you have finished. For example, I didn't dare touch the DAT until I finished my entire Ochem sequence whereas others may take it with just one semester of Ochem under their belts. I had all my prereqs done except for physics when I turned in my application the first week of June. I took the DAT in mid July. I had several early interview invites (Four in september, 2 in october and one in november) and one late interview invite in February. If you want to play the rolling admissions game, apply early. If you are not strong in dental office exposure but your GPA/DAT numbers are solid apply early and work on those volunteer hours in the meantime. Best of luck to you


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Mar 25, 2003
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Here's a rough schedule:

March/April: Get LORs and transcripts sent in (except the one at the school you're still attending classes at). Start drafting essay, get some dental experience if you don't have any. *Note: It is helpful if you request unofficial transcripts from all schools attended to be sent to you so you can fill out your AADSAS application. You must report all classes and the dates they were taken, and that's somewhat of a hassle if you don't have documentation right in front of you.

Middle May: Start AADSAS, think about schools you want to attend. Finish up essay. Keep shadowing a dentist. Follow up on LORs and transcripts.

Early June: Submit AADSAS application. Make sure all LORs and transcripts (even transcripts for the classes you just finished) are sent to AADSAS.

Middle June: Call AADSAS. Ask them what is missing still. Think about sending in secondary application fees to schools you applied for, even if they haven't asked for them yet. Call them to ask how much they are.

July-??: Sit back and wait for interview invitations to come in.

October-November: Go interviewing. =) Travel, enjoy, see the schools, stay the weekend, get to know your schools. Spend extra time at your top choices. Make sure you want to go there.

December 1: Get notified of your acceptances.

December 5-10: Send in deposits. Send in Intent to Register letter. Breathe. Smile. Party.

That's just a brief outline of a good (im my opinion) timeline on the application cycle. Please add what I've missed!!

Good luck. =)


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Oct 7, 2001
Ziptree's outline was excellent. Some of those things can be shuffled around a little bit, but that was really great.

One key is that if you are thinking about things early, then make it a point to get your LORs done early. I had mine done by February, simply because I knew that many of the people writing my letters were probably asked to write letters for others.

Also, if you have everything ready, then turn in your AADSAS application on the first day. It's nice having all interviews done early (like before October). It lets you focus on your undergrad finals, and then you'll also know about your acceptances on Dec 1.

Good luck!
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