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Jun 27, 2002
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I am not a CA resident, but was looking at the profiles of all medschools in the MSAR. I noticed that under all the UC schools tutition for residents was written as "none." Is this a typo, a misleading figure, or the truth? As a TX resident, I thought the TX schools were a great deal at $6,000. I just can't believe you can attend a top-rate school in CA for $0 tuition. As a CA resident it would be hard to justify going anywhere for that deal including Harvard or even Stanford! I have no intention of going to any school in CA but I just think that $0 tuition is incredible. Is that part of the reason the UC's are so competitive?


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Aug 24, 2001
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Because of the UC's charter, Uc's can't chage tuition for any campus. (this was writting in the 60's I think) They actually get around this by charging about 10K worth in "fees".
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