well originally, I had planned the DC get together, for the GWU, georgetown, and howard students, and then I ended up going to somewhere else instead :D

How do people feel about having a get together for MS1 students for UCLA, USC, and UCI (we can arrange a place half way, or something to LA)....

I personally dont mind the drive to either LA or Irvine...this way we can ensure a bigger turnout?

how do you guys feel about the matter? do you wanna meet, hang out? party, go to restaurant? barbecue?

hmmm, barbecue sounds awfully nice....if only we could have someone supply the food hehe :p

congrats to all of you, and I wish each and every one of you a great first year!!!

well let me know what you guys think.....


I was just wondering, how many of you (who are planning to go to UCI) are planning to go to the retreat in San Diego?

it sounds like real fun, apparently the MS2 students will be joining us there? does anyone know, if we are responsible for our own transportation, or do they take all of us there :D

if so, does anyone want to carpool? hehe


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Yeah I am going to the San Diego retreat. I think almost everybody at UCI who took the summer pre-matriculation program is going too. They take us via bus over to the hotel. I might take my car so I can come and go as I please. If I do, I can give people a ride. Although, I am almost certain the bus-ride will be much more fun (who can say "pocket flask?")

I am down for a So Cal Ho Down (or was that Pimps Up? - Score 5 points if you got that lame joke). Anywhere is fine by me. Maybe some of us Southern California socialites can show non-California's a good time in Hollywood. Hollywood is reasonably close to UCLA and USC and has the flashiest bars (although most vaccid and shallow too).

However, if people want to have something more mellow, I volunteer my place for a barbeque. I can check out the graduate housing complex clubhouse (including plasma big-screeen TV and full kitchen). There are plenty of barbeque pits too. Just figure out a date in August before most sessions start.

Much love to the SDNers.


hehe, that would be awesome to have a barbecue!!!!

I didnt think anyone would like it....that is so kewl of u to volunteer ur place (are u sure u dont want the UCLA and USC pple coming in and trashing the place? )

maybe we should find a beach or park where we can all barbecue, and even if the place gets trashed....it at least won't be ur place ;)

I will buy the drinks...anybody wants to volunteer the food? paper plates, cups and snacks?

hehe....it sounds like fun....any other takers? jalby? u wanna supply the party with cute chicks? :D lesbians are an added bonus, but not a must hehe :p
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