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California Medical Schools

Discussion in 'MCAT Discussions' started by joanna7070yehcal, Jun 21, 2002.

  1. joanna7070yehcal

    joanna7070yehcal New Member

    Feb 17, 2002
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    Hi everyone! =D Just wondering if anyone knew where I could find the average MCAT scores and GPAs of admitted students to California medical schools. Thanks for your time!
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  3. bruinkid

    bruinkid Senior Member
    10+ Year Member

    May 31, 2002
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    check the msar book, the complete book of medical schools book by princeton review, or the us news and world report!
  4. Alli Cat

    Alli Cat Flygirl
    7+ Year Member

    Apr 20, 2002
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    From 2003 MSAR:
    USC 3.57/9.7V 10.8P 10.8B
    Loma Linda 3.67
    Stanford 3.7/10V 12P 12B
    UC Davis
    UC Irvine 3.6/ 10.3
    UCLA 3.64 sci/ 3.73 non-sci
    UCSD 3.7 sci
    UCSF 3.77/ 11V 12P 11B

    Hope that helps! Maybe someone else can fill in the blanks...


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