California Residency vs. WREB help!


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Jan 14, 2005
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    Hey - I am a 4th year dental student that was recently matched to a GPR program in California. I was going to take the WREB exam in March but I also know that California just passed a law that will give licensure by doing the residency.

    BUT...Someone in my class told me that I shouldn't take the WREB because if for any reason I fail the WREBs due to patients, etc, then even if I do the residency I will still have to take the WREB again!! IS THIS TRUE?!?! If that's the case I'd rather wait to take the WREB. I'm not lazy and of course I don't plan to fail the WREB at all - but with licensing exams who knows?!?

    Sorry if this is confusing but I just want to know if it is true - if I fail the WREB for any reason, if I am doing the residency program, will I be guaranteed licensure or will I still have to take the WREB?

    Thanks so much and hope someone knows.


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    Jan 20, 2006
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      I think this is correct. I'm in dental school in california and am also going to a GPR here, and I've heard the same thing.

      A resident at the GPR program I'm going to failed WREB and she said she will have to retake the test despite the law change because she failed it...thats the only source I'm going from.

      I'm taking the WREB anyways though so that I can work at night...make sure you don't want to moonlight (if your GPR will even let you) before you decide. Good luck!


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      Mar 24, 2005
        Senate Bill 683 Residency Program Update: Senate Bill 683 (Aanestad) created a general residency pathway to licensure in California was passed by the Legislature and signed into law on September 30, 2006. The board, together with the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Office of Examination Resources (OER), are required to ensure the alignment of the competencies stated in the clinical residency completion certification with the board’s current occupational analysis. The work with OER may be completed in time to allow the board to consider and approve the certification and the core competencies at its April 2007 meeting. If not, the approval would most likely be accomplished at the June 2007 meeting. Once approved by the board, the certification and competencies will be put in regulatory language and proposed for adoption. The regulatory process takes approximately one year to complete from the time the regulation is noticed to the public.

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