Calling all Occupational therapist and occupational therapy assistants!

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Aug 29, 2013
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Hello everyone! My name is Danielle, I am a second year student in the NSCC OTA program. This semester I am required to perform several demonstrations of interventions for various diagnosis/occupational needs. The assignment requires that I converse with an OT or COTA with at least 1 year experience on the topic. Also, I may only use a practitioner one time! I would love to hear from anyone willing to spend a few minutes to discuss the topics. You must be willing to privately provide me with name, credentials, and contact information (email or phone number) as this is another requirement from my instructor. I will not give your information to anyone other than my instructor! Thank you to anyone who is willing to help me, I will list my topics below.

Physical topics:
Adult with UE Amputation - ADLs
Adult with hand injury - ADLs /IADLs
Geriatric - arthritis - ADLs
Geriatrics - walker safety - stairs

Mental health topics:
Sensory integration

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