Medical Can a Grad Consultant Help You Succeed?

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Whatever your field and interests, when you’re applying for a masters or PhD, the process can be challenging. Top masters programs in competitive fields are extremely selective – and PhD programs might accept as few as two to three people in a given specialty. Your grad school application needs to be both strong and strategic.

A consultant can help guide you and support you in some meaningful ways:

1. Provide guidance on strategy. When you’re targeting competitive programs in competitive fields, having a strong application strategy is crucial. Your consultant can help you analyze your profile – and help you make sure you’re applying to the right programs for you.

2. Reduce your stress. There’s no getting around it – applying to grad school can be stressful, especially since you’re probably balancing a lot of other responsibilities as well (school, work, family, etc). Consultants have been through the application process before and can help you create a workable timeline, stay on track, and keep your anxiety in check.

3. Help you represent yourself effectively. Your consultant can provide coaching to help you put your best foot forward in your application – including your statement of purpose, personal history, and CV.

When you’re looking for an admissions consultant, look for someone you’ll be able to work with effectively. Is the consultant’s style a good match for your needs? How will you be able to communicate – by email, phone, Skype, etc? Has the consultant worked with applicants in your field before?

Accepted has consultants on staff with a diverse range of expertise across grad fields. Each year, we coach applicants to acceptances at top masters and PhD programs in STEM fields, the social sciences, and the humanities. Contact us today to be matched with your consultant!
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