Can any current UCF M3s and M4s tell me about how clinicals are going?

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Nov 17, 2021
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Basically the title. Got accepted here and at one other and I'm extremely grateful to have options! However, I found out that UCF's medical school (as opposed to all of their healthcare programs) had a falling out with Orlando Health and Advent Health, their main clinical rotation sources, and is now partnered with HCA, a for-profit company, instead. Built the university's hospital and everything. Problem is, I've never heard anything good about HCA. A couple of non-HCA hospitals are available for rotations, but several of them are away from Orlando.

So UCF students or people that know UCF students, what do you think of the rotations? I can't seem to find many comments about the change except that it happened and why. Any insight is really appreciated!

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Did you end up going to UCF? I also just got into UCF and would like to know the answer to this question too...

Also, sorry for opening up a 2-year old thread. Sorry y'all
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