Sep 9, 2015
Hello all, this question is about GPA only.

I did a two-year associates of arts degree in the US and ended with a 3.785. Then I transferred into a Canadian university and finished my BA in linguistics in two disastrous years. Not the right major for me. I ended with a 2.88. Most of that is from my French minor. Now I'm 3rd year in Kinesiology in Canada with a 3.8. I plan to go on to an MSc in Physical Therapy after this. Let's assume I do awesomely there. :)

How detrimental do you think those two years will be for MD applications? Can other factors make up for it, such as MCAT, work/clinical experience, the fact that I'm doing much better in a more relevant degree now?

I can apply to both Canadian and US medical schools. I'm a dual citizen.

Any constructive thoughts would be appreciated.


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Jun 10, 2010
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Ace everything from now on, and ace MCAT as well, and you should be OK. You will have a lot of explaining to do, though.