Feb 4, 2021
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I volunteered in a lab for a semester where I just cleaned glassware, filled pipette tip boxes, took out the trash, etc. Didn't do any actual research or experiments. Would I be able to count this as non-clinical volunteering? I have had plenty of research experience since then but could use some more volunteer hours. Thank you!


the evil queen of numbers
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Mar 7, 2005
Candor Chasma
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That is going to look like box-checking and it is a dubious sort of "non-clinical volunteering" because it sure smells like research and not community service.
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Jun 10, 2017
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Volunteering should normally be with underserved populations…and I am 99% sure that your PI doesn’t fall into that category.

Also, get credit, pubs, or dollar bills for your lab work. You shouldn’t be doing that for free.
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