Medical Can I designate very recent experiences as most significant?

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Oct 14, 2011
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So originally, I wanted to include a scribing experience, a volunteering experience as a Spanish interpreter for a low-income clinic, and my experience as a Physics lab TA as I think it shows some academic prowess and quantitative skills. I recently finished a short stint as a contact tracer for COVID19 in which I actively talk to patients, and carry out an investigation. I applied the skills I learned in the two previously mentioned experiences, as many were Spanish speaking agrarian migrant workers, and the ability to get a history from the patients (similar to medical history I saw while scribing).

This experience only lasted 4 weeks for a total of 154 hours, and it was recently completed. I think it was very significant, especially in the scope of my application (help disadvantaged communities) but I am worried the experience is too recent/ short. I am thinking about replacing the TA experience.

What are your opinions?
There are no rules about this but you have the option to designate three (I think). So what are your other meaningful experiences?
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