Can I get an advice from current foreign dentists trying to come to the states ?


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Feb 20, 2013

Thank you for your time to read this page, I am in a phase of "what now", and its making me pretty stressful to think what i am suppose to for the future.
I am a recent college graduate who wants to pursue dentistry but my grades (under 3.0) isnt good enough to even apply. I did applied to some dental schools knowing i will get rejected but I happened to get accepted to a foreign dental school. I am excited yet i am super skeptical of going over seas and coming back to become a dentist in the states. With my gpa i would probably need to do more schooling here in the state and keep applying. (not sure how long it will take maybe 1 or 2 years, possibly get a master)
but if i go over sea i will studying dentistry and re doing dentistry here will gives me more experiences in terms of technique. the program over there is 4 years and towards the end my fourth year i can start applying to american dental school and have that smooth transition right after.

This wouldnt work if my grades arent good over seas but if i study my butt off. maybe ?
I thought maybe from dentists who are currently doing transition can give me an advice of rather to take this route.
Addition, oversea school starts in a month, where as extra schooling.. I would need to study for GRE and try to get into master's program/smp (using my dat) and have to wait an year since this cycle is over.


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Apr 13, 2010
You don't need 4.0 to get into IDP here, at least not now. In 4 years there might be that kind of competition, so make sure you get something close to 3.6-4.0, get involved in research. Try to get the best LOR possible