Medical Can I recover from a very low GPA and still get into medical school?

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Oct 14, 2011
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I am finishing up my last year at my college. But had to withdraw from a few courses, ultimately requiring me to take an extra semester to graduate. My GPA is terrible. It's at about a 2.7. I know I have no chance if it were just for my grades. I am an EMT, work as a medical assistant and will have a degree in biology Fall of 2020. Should I study insanely hard for the next six months and attempt to take the MCAT? Retake the premed classes? or do a postbac program??

I go to a small liberal arts college and work.

Going to a SLAC, you may have either great advising (personal relationship) or very bad advising (gatekeeper complex). At any rate, with that low GPA, you should read Goro's advice on reinvention and plan on an SMP. Don't rush anything or you could mess up your final semester of coursework. You can look at public programs for SMP which could help you. Talk with program directors and students in or from those programs before committing your next steps for MCAT or SMP.

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